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Yoshi's Island secret maps

Inspired by Peardian, who mapped all 54 levels from the original SNES version of Yoshi's Island as well as the first two Secret levels from the GBA port, Super Mario Advance 3, and made them available via VGMaps. Peardian is on Twitter and Tumblr.

The Secrets of Yoshi's Island ROM hack, created by Yoshis Fan and updated by Shiny Ninetails, backported all the GBA levels into the SNES version and allowed me to view the layouts in Romi's Golden Egg tool.

Foone's Yoshi's Island Death Generator gave me an easy way to produce custom text with the in-game font.

hug0-a7x's save file for the GBA game allowed me to take screenshots of the map and level intro in VisualBoyAdvance.

Credits from The Spriters' Resource:

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